About the Ads With Legs Archive

Ads With Legs (2012-2013) was an award-winning blog I created for The Press of Atlantic City. It offered timely and creative information to local advertisers from Press staff as well as some outside experts. This archive is a collection of my posts.

Why to Consider Advertorials versus Going Native

Thanks to the web and social media we have yet another new advertising term to learn – “Native Advertising.”  The problem is that even those in-the-know don’t know exactly what it is. “The native advertising industry is so new that nobody can agree what it means in the first place,” writes Jack Marshall in his Digiday …

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When Ads Aren’t Advertising

Some advertising isn’t advertising at all. It just takes advertising space and usually precious advertising dollars to achieve a different company purpose. Consider these examples where ad space is used to: Announce a new professional or service employee Announce lists of employees with long service Thank sponsors or volunteers for a particular event Promote a …

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Visibility and Traffic in Advertising

What do business locations and advertising have in common? Both, if chosen and used carefully, bring the two elements of visibility and traffic to foster business growth. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) generally have an easier time understanding the importance of location and visibility in choosing real estate than they do with choosing advertising, but the principles …

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