I started blogging at home in 2006  to teach myself the technology for use in the marketing department. Here are examples of where it’s since taken me.
Dates: April 2012- August 2013.
Involvement: Creator, editor, contributor
Goal: Foster improved advertising knowledge in the local business community and position The Press as a key advertising resource for current and potential customers.

Content:  Posts on advertising trends, design considerations, copywriting tips, market research, and suggestions for best use of various types of ad platforms.
Platform: Wordpress.
Status: Posts daily Monday-Friday with a weekly Friday summary e-mailed to key clients. Currently the only company blog run independently of and ranked as fourth highest read blog affiliated with the company.
Dates: 2008-present
Involvement: Author
Goal: Share marketing ideas and learnings from ongoing real-life projects.
Content: Posts on traditional and social media, new books, project challenges, and case studies of exceptional marketing.
Platform: Started on Typepad as Inside Marketing, an NAPL consultant blog.  Moved to WordPress in 2010 and renamed The Marketing Plaza.
Status: Ongoing and updated periodically. Links directly to @MarketingPlaza.
Dates: 2006-2010.
Involvement: Author
Goal: Communicate with friends and family while learning various blog techniques.
Content: Family experiences
Platform: Started on Typepad, moved to iWeb, now archived in WordPress.
Status: After being moved across three blogging platforms and losing too many treasured comments, the blog is retired and, to the relief of family, exists mostly an archive of fun family memories.

Various NAPL Consulting Blogs
Dates: 2010-present
Involvement: Administrator and Author
Goal: Showcase the association’s expertise in key areas; entice lead generation
Content: Posts on key consulting areas including economics, mergers, and finance
Platform: Typepad. Templates set up and consultants trained to enter their own posts.
Status: Marketing blog suspended 2010. Others ongoing with several others since added as new experts become associated with the organization

The Blogger’s Bulletin
Dates: 2009-present.
Involvement: Contributor and editor 2009- 2010
Goal:  Share blogging and blog marketing expertise with an emerging blog community
Content: Personal posts focused on blog marketing
Platform: Wordpress