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Tech savvy, digital marketing leader who helps organizations and teams successfully transition into customer acquisition experts. Experienced in consumer products, non-profit, transportation, agency and media marketing sectors. Marketing strategist known to consistently deliver results that build both revenue and traffic growth. Deep knowledge of digital advertising, analytics, and social engagement platforms.

  • Life-Long Learner. The formal education is on my resume, but marketing is always changing, so most of my knowledge is from perpetual  independent study and experience on the front lines.
  • Start-Up Specialist. Known for bringing marketing to life where it has long been absent, silent, ineffective, misused, or abused.
  • Fun Team Collaborator & Motivational Leader. Marketing is both a science and an art. Mostly, though, even when dealing with serious topics, it should be fun and feeding a creative soul.
  • Willing to take on projects both small and large. The big ones are just a series of small steps and the small ones have a way of having big impact. Each project has a life of its own and it’s fun to see how they mature.
  • Meets crazy deadlines under budget with amazing results. I’ve never met a budget that couldn’t be bigger, a deadline that loomed too near, or resources that couldn’t be larger. I work with the cards dealt, and ironically they’re frequently exactly the hand the team needed to get the job done!

Kind Words from Kind Colleagues

Source: LinkedIn

  • JC: “…one of the best marketing minds I’ve ever encountered. She thinks strategically, plans precisely and executes flawlessly.”
  • JA: “She is a top notch marketing strategist with keen insights in social and digital media She is proactive, ensuring the organizations she advises stay ahead of the curve.”
  • TF: “…has the uncanny ability to address legacy business problems with state of the art marketing solutions and technologies.

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